Our ditch & grip cleaner is a compact yet powerful machine. It is ideal for the cleaning and clearing of open roadside drainage systems & farmland ditches, keeping them free flowing and fully functional.

Our method of ditching is fast, so requires little or no traffic management, lorries or banks men and creates minimum disruption to motorists.

With a 600mm/24 inch diameter rotary cutting head, our machine has three cutting blades and three throwing blades, 90° head rotation for roadside grip formation and clearance, and an adjustable exit spout. The machine forms a fine debris from the spoil which is deposited as the machine works.

Trained operatives scan the ditch with a Cat scanning scope and signal generator before ditch clearing or formation, in order to safely identify underlying pipe and cable locations.

The machine really is outstanding and we are happy to host a demonstration at one of our sites or at your location.

Please contact us today to discuss you requirements and to obtain a quote.
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